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 Nori, Sushi, Everything All Kosher All the Time!

When you have a yen for nori, sushi, sashimi, or anything Japanese but you need it kosher, look no further than SushiMaven.com, the online quality and price leader for delicious food and condiments rabbinically certified for soul and palate!

SushiMaven.com is proud to be the premier provider of fine kosher nori for all your ethnic dining needs. We offer everything anyone could want for something that's a little different while still observing the Halakha. Only the finest ingredients are used with only the most generous prices so as to make exciting exotic flavors available in the comfort of your own home!

For the finest in kosher cuisine, choose SushiMaven.com and choose the quality and savings you deserve, with all food made under the strictest of rabbinical supervision necessary for your halachic peace of mind!